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Regionalnego Instytutu Kultury w Katowicach


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About Fabryka Silesia

"Fabryka Silesia" 



Cultural quarterly about Upper Silesia 



Issued by Regional Culture Centre in Katowice 


Fabryka Silesia is a socio-historico-cultural quarterly magazine featuring social, historical, cultural issues of Silesia. We focus on changes we experience, but often not recognize or understand. We analyze and contemplate what is commonly known as Silesian cultural phenomenon. On our magazine we combine forms of essay and journalistic writing, and each release has a form of a monograph.

Publisher: Regional Institute of Culture in Katowice (40-057) Teatralna 4 St.

Editorial Council: Zbigniew Kadłubek, Ingmar Villqist, Waldemar Szymczyk

Editorial Office: Editor-in-chief — Krzysztof Karwat

Fabryka Silesia Department Manager — Beata Przybylska


Adress: Teatralna 4 St. 40-003 Katowice



Contact: tel: (+48) 32 201-77-74; e-mail:

Websites: |


Publishing formula:



Issue in an A4 size: 260 x 200 mm

Materials: covers – chalk overlay paper 300g; pages – offset paper 90g

Volume: 100 pages (96 pages and 4 covers)

Colours: cover – full-coloured; pages – black and white + one colour

Distribution: through Ruch, Kolporter, and Empik newsagent’s stores, subscription, and online access. It’s available in Silesian and Opole Voivodeships, in Cracow, Wrocław, Warsaw and other major cities in Poland. 

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Numer 20 - Wokół Tych (i tamtych) Tychów

Zapraszamy do zakupu nowego numeru kwartalnika Fabryka Silesia 2(20)2018 - Wokół Tych (i tamtych) Tychów. Pismo dostępne od 14 maja w Empiku, Kolporterze, Ruchu, a w sklepie internetowym oraz w redakcji kwartalnika przy ul. Teatralnej 4 w Katowicach już od 26 kwietnia!